Fun bilingual storybook with eye-catching illustrations

La Famille Jolineau en vacances is a bilingual storybook for children starting to learn French in primary school, aged six years and over.

It offers children an opportunity to explore all aspects of learning French in
a fun way.

The colourful, eye-catching illustrations create a relaxed environment making
the learning experience even more enjoyable.

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The gift of languages this Christmas: a great idea for primary school children

From my own experience as a French teacher, I can safely say that stories and story books are an ideal and fun way to engage children and ignite their interest and enthusiasm about learning languages. So why not adding a French or Spanish book to your Christmas list. This would be one of the best educational and enjoyable presents  you could offer children around
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Why Should My Child Read A Bilingual Book?

When reading a bilingual storybook, a primary school child will learn French without any awareness of learning, the English text will offer extra support and confidence. The young reader will acquire new vocabulary or learn about some aspects of French culture without feeling the effort involved. Children have a natural enthusiasm for stories and enjoy a positive attitude towards books. So why not offer
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Why Start Foreign Languages At
The Primary Stage

In our global society, your child will be a European citizen and ultimately a citizen of the world. You can never start too early to prepare them for this challenge. Knowing foreign languages means wider access to job opportunities, increased intercultural awareness and positive attitudes towards diversity as well as enhanced communication skills. Research in neuroscience suggests that it is a time in the
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